Would your Forex Trading improve if you could predict tomorrows market direction with +/-70% to 80% accuracy? If that is you, then this e-book will teach you with a +70%-80% accuracy where the market will go tomorrow and with that state of mind and starting point you will be +70% ahead of most traders. You won’t be trading blindly or guessing like most traders. This book will also teach you how to get out of bad trades with a profit or at least Break-Even (which is the remaining 20%-30%) if you stick to the rules in this book and it will also help you not to get into any bad trades. You can use this book to trade any Financial Instrument on the market besides Options.

This e-book is a power tool to help you take some money from the Forex Market and it will also make your Trading simple and Fun.



People are miss-informed by the seemingly easy way to make money, because all you do is Buy and Sell. In this book, I will attempt to help you understand the real truths about the Financial Market. Despite whatever you have been told, whatever course or training you may have paid for, every Financial Transaction has two parties involved, whether you are Buying or Selling, on the other side of that transaction ultimately there is a winner and a loser. Every single Financial Transaction in the world has a Winner and a Loser and that’s just how it is, there is no other way about it, if you have been getting the wrong results, you may have to accept the fact that much of the information and teachings you have received has been either false or misleading.
This book contains not your traditional teachings. The truth is that most people teaching people to trade are clueless themselves. They just regurgitating something they read somewhere or been told to rehearse to sell a seemingly easy way to make money, and it is if you know what you doing.